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Late 2017, see below

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Disco Packages

Full Package

CD Player, Traffic Lights, Pod Lights, Police Light, Net Lights

Large CD Collection

2 X 300W Speakers

Pefect if you are looking for the Ultimate Disco with Lights.

This will be perfect for Large Halls, small halls

Plus have the folling option as a Back up

Music Only

Computer with Mixer and 50w Speaker

with a Large slection of Music

This is a Cheaper Option and is Perfect for smaller halls, background Music, childrens party and even House Party


Lights can be added to this package at an addtional cost, either traffic lights or pod lights or both. (if you want anymore you will need to have the full pakage)

Please note: If you order this one and it is not loud enough for the room you are having the party in, we take no responsibillity as you choose the cheaper pakcage and not the full size package


if you aleady have your own equipment and Just looking to hire a DJ to DJ on it then I will be happy to help you out, weather it be a CD set up, computer Set up, I would likely know how to use it or can learn it quickly.

I can even bring my large Music collection with me on a USB stick for NO EXTRA CHARGE

OR I can bring my iPod which also has my Large music collection on it, this will come at a small extra Charge.

Please Note: I Can Not DJ without a Large Collection of Music and prefer my own so I know what I have and where it is

Have Peter Kallend From PetersFM

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